International recognition
Achievements & awards
CSEM is recognized as an innovation vector in providing technology platforms that enable significant scientific and creative breakthroughs in today's world. Its products, solutions, and equality policies have been honored in Switzerland and around the world.

The greatest recognition of our work at CSEM comes when the technologies we develop are commercialized. CSEM-developed, commercialized technologies are innovation in action. They add value to our industry partners and ensure the competitiveness of the Swiss economy. They prove that we are fulfilling our mission and making concrete our vision of the CSEM of the future.

But awards too are important. When CSEM is recognized by prestigious international organizations, that recognition is high-profile proof of our standing in the world of international research. It reinforces our position among our peers, which—of course—is crucial to our vision of networked innovation.

the latest ones
Swiss Solar Prize 2018
Award for the integration of photovoltaic solar sensors in protected sites in the “Renovation” category
EFTF 2018 Young Scientist Award
For pioneering contributions to ultra-fast physics and soliton pulse generation in non-linear optical microresonators
2018 AMX Innovation Award
The Innovation Award celebrates and honors the most exciting tech developments in the Swiss Additive Manufacturing (AM) world and was presented to CSEM and RUAG Space during the AMX Night in Lucerne.
2017 Neode Prize
A new generation of blood-pressure monitors is born. The scientist Josep Solà i Càros is the recipient of the Neode Prize 2017. This award is in recognition of the development – together with his team at CSEM – of a new solution for measuring blood pressure continuously and without cuff.
2017 MRS Materials Science Video contest
During the MRS Fall Meeting 2017 in Boston (USA)—the world's leading conference and exhibition on cross-disciplinary worldwide activity in materials research—CSEM and EPFL were awarded first place in the Science in Video competition organized by the Material Research Society for their movie “Let There Be Light”.
2017 SSBE Research Award
Martin Proença receives the 2017 SSBE Research Award for the work he performed during his PhD thesis on the non-invasive monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure.
CSEM is awarded the Hermès Innovation Prize
At the service of industry for over 30 years, CSEM has been rewarded for its technological excellence with a Hermès innovation prize. This award is given each year by the Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’innovation and the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation.
2017 Vision System Design Innovators Award
"Golden Palm" for an intelligent camera from CSEM: its Vision-in-Package system for real-time embedded facial recognition was recognized by the judges of the annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards program.
2016 Solar Visualised in Europe Award
CSEM photovoltaic facade winner of the “Beauty of Solar Power Europe” photo competition. At the 100 GW Celebration in Brussels (Belgium), Meyer Burger received the Solar Visualised in Europe Award from the European solar industry association SolarPower Europe for the CSEM solar facade project.
2016 Best Poster Award—Lukas Hofer
Lukas Hofer, a postdoc at CSEM’s Landquart center, won the prize for the best work in the natural sciences at the 5th Graubünden forscht—Young Scientists in Contest congress, at Davos, September 14‒15, 2016.
Nico de Rooij elected MNE Fellow 2016
Nico de Rooij’s election is recognition of his pioneering contributions in the fields of MEMS and sensor technology. Congratulations on being elected MNE Fellow 2016—a tremendous accomplishment.
2016 International Conference on Crystalline Silicon PV—Two Best Paper Awards
Two Best Paper Awards were presented to CSEM. The first recognized the center’s collaborative work with EPFL on the development of high-efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cells with molybdenum oxide hole collectors. The second was given for CSEM’s joint work with NREL, USA, on the development of silicon-based tandem cells with a record 29.8 percent one-sun efficiency.
2016 Swiss PV symposium—Best Paper Award
The Best Paper Award was presented to CSEM, EPFL, and Meyer Burger Research at the 2016 Swiss PV Symposium in Bern. The team was rewarded for its collaborative work on the development of photolithography-free, back-contacted silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells with an efficiency greater than 22 percent.
Christophe Ballif wins 2016 Becquerel Prize
Outstanding merits in photovoltaics: CSEM and EPFL wish to congratulate Christophe, the winner of the 2016 Becquerel Prize. Winning one of the world’s two most prestigious awards in this field is a crowning achievement for Ballif, who has devoted 20 years to harnessing the sun’s energy.
2016 CCIFS Innovation Trophy awarded to CSEM and ONERA
This award recognizes the excellence of their technical outcomes in developing a pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) for aerodynamic analyses in transonic wind tunnels to improve aircraft safety and flight performance.
2016 Swiss Environmental Prize—Umweltpreis Schweiz
The first ex-eaquo prize of the Umweltpreis 2016 was awarded to CSEM. Our revolutionary technology lets us achieve what was supposed to be impossible—white and colored solar panels with no visible cells or connections. It can be applied on top of an existing module or integrated into a new module during assembly, on flat or curved surfaces.
2015 Neode Special Prize
Silvia Angeloni has been awarded this year's Neode Special Prize by the jury for her work on enabling a technology transplant from the watchmaking industry to the field of innovative labware manufacturing for nanotoxicity studies and nanomedicine development.
2015 SSBE Best Poster Award—Martin Proença
Young researcher Martin Proença was awarded the Best Poster Award for his work on the non-invasive monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure.
2015 BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize—Gilles Weder
Gilles Weder has been awarded this year's BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize for his work on a rapid, efficient, and non-invasive device for determining oxygen concentrations in cell and tissue cultures.
2015 EIT Award—Fabian Braun
Young researcher Fabian Braun was awarded the Best Student Paper Award for his work on the use of non-invasive Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) to monitor cardiovascular parameters such as cardiac output and blood pressure
2015 First Prize for the best scientific and technical poster in solar energy
On March 17, 2015, at the Congrès national photovoltaïque in Basel, CSEM's photovoltaics team was awarded first prize for its excellent work on the poster entitled
2014 Lloyd's List Global Award
Innovation Award at the Lloyd's List Global Awards for LYNCEUS—Recognition for CSEM low-power wireless technologies for emergency procedures at sea.
2014 Prix OMEGA scientific award
The young CSEM researcher Florent Cosandier has been awarded this year's Prix OMEGA scientific award.
2014 Innovation Award Laser Technology
New impulses for the production technology of tomorrow: European Femtoprint project acclaimed.
2013 EARTO Innovation Prize
A new frontier in precision watchmaking—CSEM is rewarded by European innovation prize for groundbreaking silicon technology in the watch industry
2013 BioAlps Award
BioAlps Award 2013 goes to CSEM for its contribution to the development of biomedical activities in western Switzerland
2013 Mechatronics Awards
The Clean Sky project StrainWISE has been awarded the "Research" prize of the Mechatronics Awards 2013 at the European mechatronics meetings held in Toulouse on 25 and 26 September 2013.
2013 SSBE Student Award at the CTI Medtech Event
The young researcher Fabian Braun has received the SSBE Student Award from the Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering for his Master's thesis entitled "Systolic Time Intervals Measured by Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)".
2013 ICOE—9th International Conference on Organic Electronics - Award
The young researcher Frédéric Zanella and his colleagues were awarded a Best Poster Prize for their work on sub-micrometer organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs).
2013 IBST—International conference on bio-sensing technology - Award
The young researcher Florian Kehl and his colleagues received an Outstanding Poster Presentation award for their exceptional work in the field of label-free waveguide grating biosensors.
2013 Prix OMEGA scientific award
The young researcher Joanna BITTERLI, former PhD student at CSEM, was awarded this year's Prix OMEGA scientific award.
2013 IVAM Marketing Prize
CSEM nominated for the 5th IVAM Marketing Prize for first-class technology marketing ideas.
The 2011 IEC '1906 Award' recognizes the exceptional achievements of Jean-Dominique Decotignie
Jean-Dominique receives this prestigious award for his valuable and sustained contribution to the international standardization of industrial wireless communications.
2011 NewCAS—Best Student Paper Award
The young researcher Raghavasimhan Thirunarayanan and his colleagues received the Best Student Paper Award.
2011 MIXDES—Outstanding Paper Award
The young researcher Frédéric Zanella and his colleagues were awarded an Outstanding Paper Award for their exceptional work on solution-processable organic thin film transistors.
2011—CFSCI Award
On January 21st 2011, CSEM and its partners honored for cross-border technical and scientific cooperation.