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icyTRX- best-in-class Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver

14 February 2024

SwissChips Initiative: A boost for the Swiss Chip industry

(Anglais uniquement) The SwissChips Initiative aims to strengthen Swiss research collaborations in IC design and microelectronics. Launched by CSEM, EPFL and ETH Zurich, it enjoys backing by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

A hand with a glove holding a transparent so called Smart Lid for Perfusion

1 February 2024

Organoids as alternative to donor organ transplantation for patients with liver disease

(En anglais uniquement) The EU-H2020 funded ORGANTRANS project is poised to potentially save thousands of lives. This groundbreaking initiative leverages cutting-edge technologies to address the critical shortage of donor organs.

Male engineer giving a lecture

13 December 2023

Nicht auf Trends warten – die Zukunft mitgestalten

(Allemand uniquement) CSEM, SATW und TRUMPF Schweiz organisierten ein KMU-Event, bei dem 100 Gäste zukünftige Technologieentwicklungen für Gesellschaft und Industrie in Graubünden und der Ostschweiz erkundeten.

Right to the left : Bahaa Roustom - VP Marketing & Business Development (CSEM), Ahmed Azouz - R&D Project Manager (Socorex), Julien Ruchet - Chief Executive Producer (Socorex) and Alexandre Pauchard, CEO CSEM

7 December 2023

Socorex wins the CSEM Digital Journey Award 2023

(Anglais uniquement) CSEM awarded the Digital Journey 2023 to Socorex, an SME from canton VD and a world leader in development and manufacture of high-end precision dosing instruments for liquid handling in laboratories and animal health injections.

Ekio founders Mathilde and Bastien

24 November 2023

How to keep the human factor in product design

(Anglais uniquement) Ekio, a start-up that emerged from the CSEM, focuses on human factors in product design. Its mission is to support companies in the development of intuitive, user-friendly products and thus close the gap between design and manufacturing.

Woman speaking in her cellphone

6 November 2023

Wearable technologies help fight diabetes

(Anglais uniquement) CSEM and the Department for Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutritional Medicine and Metabolism (UDEM) at Inselspital, University Hospital Berne join forces to combine diabetes care with wearable monitors of human vital signs.

Mum holding her new born baby

28 September 2023

Newlife: CSEM part of a ground-breaking European collaboration that is transforming pregnancy care and newborn health with smart textiles and sensors

(Anglais uniquement) Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most delicate and risky moments in life, affecting millions of women and babies every year. What if there was a way to improve women’s health and safety with smart clothing and devices?

Two children standing on a green mat.

15 September 2023

20 years of "Les Tournesols" daycare at CSEM: A joyful celebration of community and family

(Anglais uniquement) We proudly celebrated the 20th anniversary of "Les Tournesols" daycare at CSEM! Discover photos from this special day and the complete article tracing two decades of family support and work-life balance.

Vue sur une petite cascade de montagne

6 September 2023

Une innovation pour surveiller le débit des cours d'eau sans modifier le milieu naturel

Il est possible de mesurer précisément le débit d'eau d'un cours d'eau de montagne au moyen d'un système intégrant intelligence artificielle et imagerie multi-caméras. Recueillies en mode 24/7, les données permettent p.ex. à une commune d'ébaucher des scénarios d'optimisation de l'utilisation de l'eau.