Delving into high-precision mechanisms for space and scientific instruments

Discover our expertise in systems engineering developments for precise instruments, thanks to compliant mechanisms, also known as flexure mechanisms.

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At CSEM, we excel in developing, assembling, and testing comprehensive systems with submicron precision. Our team specializes in multiphysics simulations, advanced control, electronics, and optics, meeting the demanding requirements of space-oriented and scientific instrumentation.

MOSFIRE— Reconfigurable slit-mask mechanism | Keck Observatory (Hawaii)MOSFIRE— Reconfigurable slit-mask mechanism | Keck Observatory (Hawaii)

Long lifetime compliant mechanisms for space instruments: Meeting the demand for high-precision and friction-free systems

With an extensive legacy of 35 years, our design of flexure mechanisms allows them to survive in harsh environments—spanning space, vacuum, cryogenic, and vibratory settings. Our imprint on the Swiss Space Policy highlights our ability to craft intricate mechanisms to serve the pursuit of space and science.

Esteemed instruments such as MOSFIRE at the Keck Observatory, SOFIA the airborne observatory, IASI onboard Meteosat, InfraRed Sounder (IRS) on Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), CLUPI focus mechanism for EXOMARS and numerous others reap the rewards of our friction-free technology. Our mechanisms secure enduring longevity and unwavering reliability, influencing the course of technological excellence.

Embracing the future with additive manufacturing

At the forefront of innovation, we’re harnessing the power of additive manufacturing to transform mechanisms. This groundbreaking approach allows us to integrate electrical conductors and sensors within mechanisms, pushing the boundaries of functionality and performance.

High precision for scientific instruments in extreme environments: Partnering with diverse industries and research institutes

CSEM’s precision expertise reverberates across diverse sectors and research realms. Our collaborations span beyond conventional bounds, encompassing industries and institutes alike. Our precision-focused capabilities extend beyond small-scale instruments. From large-scale industrial tribometers that conquer extreme conditions to dispensing automates engineered to perform flawlessly in harsh conditions, our co-innovations help drive progress with unwavering determination.

Silicon-based flexure mechanisms in mechanical watchesSilicon-based flexure mechanisms in mechanical watches. © CSEM

Bridging sectors with high-precision design: Paving the way for innovation in space, watchmaking, industrial, and medical fields

By tapping into our systems development expertise alongside MEMS capabilities, we propel impactful innovation across a diverse range of sectors, making significant strides in aerospace, watchmaking, metrology, and the field of medicine.

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Tech insights: a closer look at our contributions

Explore our groundbreaking research and technological developments that have propelled advancements in space-oriented tools and scientific instrumentation:

  • Iconic projects in space à From CSEM’s first adventure into space in 1998, to participation in numerous missions including Rosetta, RemoveDebris, LISA, and more. The company has been at the forefront of cutting-edge space technology.
  • Iconic projects in astrophysics à Since the 1990s, CSEM has been designing and producing high-precision mechanisms for a new generation of world's top ground-based and airborne telescopes, including Keck Observatory, ESO Paranal, and SOFIA.