6 avril 2023

CSEM has been committed to “Health For All” for 20 years

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CSEM’s industrial heritage in precision engineering and its wide-ranging competencies in low-power electronics, sensing, and processing are contributing to a new era of digital, personalized healthcare with better monitors, implants, assistive devices, AI-based diagnostic tools, and laboratory instruments.

© WHO - World Health Day Theme 2023

On 7 April 2023 - World Health Day - the World Health Organization will observe its 75th anniversary and will be tying this celebration to World Heath Day 2023. For CSEM, this day is an opportunity to look back at a selection of projects related to the healthcare field. CSEM has worked on numerous projects over the past 20 years to improve health and quality of life and dedicates its efforts in particular to digital transformation in healthcare.

Roughly speaking, the healthcare field can be divided into two separate areas, curative and preventive medicine. The former aims to restore a person’s health after an illness or an accident, including the field of analyses to confirm a diagnosis. Meanwhile the latter, preventive medicine, covers all aspects of maintaining and improving the quality of health and life. Today it is widely accepted that healthcare is evolving from reactive disease care to care that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory.

For the last 20 years, CSEM has accompanied companies and institutions in Switzerland and abroad on the curative and the preventive side of the fence, working on solutions to improve the health and quality of life of all people.

  • CSEM designs and develops medical wearable sensor systems according to ISO-13485, combining its expertise in miniaturization, wireless connectivity, ultra-low-power ASICs design, and medical system integration.
  • CSEM’s technology platforms address evolving life sciences needs using automated cell technologies, biomonitoring, and artificial intelligence.
  • CSEM teams bridge disciplines from precision manufacturing to digitization to develop disruptive biosystems through patient-in-the-lab and the lab-on-the-patient.

Selected CSEM projects contributing to “Health For All”

Take a look at our selection of successful projects, contributions, and tools for the healthcare sector: 

Blood pressure monitoring

oBPM™ - the technology breakthrough in hypertension management. >>


Continuous, cuffless medical grade device to monitor blood pressure at wrist in a convenient and comfortable manner. >>


Biospectal commercializes an application that transforms any smartphone worldwide into a connected medical-grade instantaneous blood pressure monitor, simply by placing the fingertip on the phone camera. >>

3D-printed cushion

CSEM and the Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung have teamed up to develop a game-changing, medical-grade, 3D-printed cushion for wheelchair users. >>

ULTEEM glasses


A sensor solution which transforms ordinary eyeglasses into smartglasses for EEG and EOG applications. >>


CSEM's wearable vest for monitoring respiratory diseases uses electrical impedance tomography. >>

Legs with venous problems


New treatment for venous insufficiency : ClexBio and CSEM team up to develop world’s first machine to grow tissue-engineered human veins in the lab. (or: for manufacturing vein implants). >>


The automated machine for skin grafts demonstrates the feasibility of automating the bio-engineered skin manufacturing process, and seeks to revolutionize the current available treatments for severe skin defects. >>

Sterile, self-contained, disposable Limula-Kit


Making personalized cancer therapies accessible to all. Limula’s technology enables the automated production of CAR T and other cell therapies at scale. >>

MEDILIGHT demonstrator


Using light to improve healing! Portable device for treating chronic wounds, using blue light to improve and accelerate the healing process. >>

Optical microarray biosensing

A serological test that can simultaneously trace for past infections of COVID-19, Influenza or SARS. >>

Curative immunotherapies

Single-cell microfluidics enable novel immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. >>

Want to learn more about digital health?

To discover more, watch our video "Digital health - Solutions that enhance patient care and enable better health-related decision-making":