Custom ASICs: Reducing size, cost, and power in medical devices

Energy-efficient application-specific integrated circuits for connected health devices

Bionic eye with advanced circuitry

Wearable and implantable electronics have critical requirements matched by few other products. Form factor, battery life and reliability can determine the success or failure of a new product. A custom ASIC can not only optimize these features, but provide a strong differentiator against competitors. CSEM is the leader in ultra-low power ASIC solutions, including low-noise AFEs, embedded RISC cores, sophisticated power management and wireless communications, as well as complete system-on-chip integration.

Explore the groundbreaking possibilities in medical technology through our custom ASIC solutions showcased below for applications in EEG, hearing aids, artificial retina, prosthetic limb, and brain disorders & diseases.

High aspect ratio ASIC for S-EEG depth electrodes for epilepsy treatment

CSEM's needle-like ASIC for stereo-electroencephalography (S-EEG)© CSEM - CSEM's needle-like ASIC for stereo-electroencephalography (S-EEG).
  • Stereo-electroencephalography (S-EEG) is a minimally invasive procedure for treatment of epilepsy.
  • This innovative needle-like ASIC was designed for integration within a MEMS-based S‑EEG depth electrode enabling simultaneous 18-channel EEG readout and 64V signals for subsequent high-power thermal ablation.

Bluetooth-connected hearing aids

A woman wearing an Oticon hearing aid© Oticon - A woman wearing an Oticon Opn hearing aid
  • Oticon integrated CSEM’s IcyTRX™ IP Bluetooth core into their chipset for the Oticon Opn™ range of advanced wireless-enabled hearing aids, allowing direct connection and streaming audio between Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • CSEM’s Bluetooth technology played an important role in enabling a longer battery life in Opn™ than that achievable with standard BLE transceivers, as well as immunity to external wireless interference, improving comfort of the user.

Artificial retina microsystem

Bionic retina implant© Nano-Retina Inc. - Bionic retina implant
  • Nano Retina is developing a batteryless microsystem integrating a micro power image sensor and low-noise microneedle drivers to restore sight.
  • CSEM and Nano Retina co-designed a highly innovative system-in-package including special pixels and ultra-low power driver circuit.
  • This product is now in clinical trials.

Neurally controlled prostheses

A patient with a neuroprosthesis picks up a rubber ball from the floor.© Integrum AB - A patient with a neuroprosthesis successfully picks up a rubber ball from the floor, demonstrating that the prosthesis functions independently of the patient's posture.

Together with partners CSEM developed a novel prosthetic hand with improved functionality, smart mechatronic devices/features for safe implantable technology, including natural control and sensory feedback (perception) of the prosthesis.

CSEM’s contribution is an innovative ExG analogue front end ASIC, providing 20 low-power, low-noise configurable sensing channels that can simultaneously acquire and process EMG (electromyography), EEG (electroencephalography), and ECG (electrocardiography) signals.

3D CMOS microsystem for probing brain tissues

Accura 3D microchip© 3Brain - Accura 3D , the first 3D CMOS-chip for investigating electroactive human tissues and 3D brain organoids.
  • 3Brain AG develops brain-on-chip solutions allowing scientists to gain novel insights into the inner workings of the human brain. Understanding how organs form and how their cells behave is essential to finding the causes and treatment for developmental disorders, as well as understanding certain diseases
  • Along with CSEM, 3Brain has developed a first-in-class 3D CMOS microchip to probe intelligent networks within the complex cytoarchitecture of electroactive 3D tissues and brain organoids.

Smart artificial blood vessels

Small-diameter electronic blood vessel© Roumai Medical - Small-diameter electronic blood vessel.

Roumai Medical is an innovative medtech startup with ambitions to save millions of lives of cardiovascular patients by developing artificial, smart blood vessels to treat vascular diseases

CSEM is supporting Roumai with cutting edge microelectronics and smart systems technology.

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