ULTEEM: Ultra-long-term EEG Monitoring

A sensor solution which transforms ordinary eyeglasses into smartglasses for EEG and EOG applications.

ULTEEM glasses

Use cases

Temporal electroencephalogram (EEG) provides valuable information for long-term generalized epilepsy monitoring and electrooculogram (EOG) signals are widely used in vigilance monitoring.


Female patient reading the newspaper and wearing standard glasses equipped with an Ulteem device© CSEM
  • Equipped with dry electrodes, ULTEEM achieves a signal quality equivalent to clinical grade EEG systems
  • CSEM’s patented technology enables connecting sensors with a simple wire not necessarily shielded nor insulated
  • Autonomy more than 16 hours thanks to years of low-power design experience in wearables
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for data streaming and on-board memory for long-term recordings
  • Design and verification according to the latest IEC 60601-1 and IEC 80601-2-26 standards


CSEM’s technology allows simple integration of the sensors to eyeglasses frames avoiding complex production and assembly methods. Stigmatization is a major obstacle for long-term monitoring of patients with neurological diseases. Our solution provides a unique opportunity by allowing them to use their own eyeglasses and to remove the clip-on sensors whenever felt uneasy.

Clinical partners

A pilot study was conducted for clinical assessment of the ULTEEM device with Neuro-Tec.

What is next

Stay tuned for ULTEEMNite for sleep monitoring and 24/7 epilepsy monitoring.