CSEM iconic projects in Space

Since the dawn of time, man has lifted up his gaze to the heavens to study the stars. Whether in fascination or fear, he asks himself the question: In what environment is our planet spinning? Initially restricted to science-fiction media, the prospect of space travel became more concrete from the end of the Second World War, its apotheosis being the first moonwalk in 1969.

Iconic space projects

CSEM is recognized worldwide as a specialist in miniaturization, precision and energy efficiency . Since its creation in 1984, CSEM has taken an active part in the observation and exploration of space, and then observation of the Earth. Its motivation in this respect is driven by the technological demands and excellence required, rather than the search for recognition.

The feats and developments produced by its scientists highlight its expertise in cutting-edge technologies, and leads to benefits for the Swiss economy. Moreover, several Swiss SMEs are regularly associated with the space projects that CSEM takes part in.

CSEM is by far the best company we have worked with in the past 20 years. We not only recommend them without reservation, but also hope for future projects where we can once again benefit from their exceptional expertise and unique skills.

Ian McLean, Distinguished Professor/Director , Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCLA University of California Los Angeles

CSEM iconic projects in Space