October 27, 2021

2021 EARTO Innovation Prize

“Personalized skin on-demand” technology from CSEM is now an EARTO award winner! The First-in-class, automated tech produces large, bioengineered skin grafts. Quicker access to large quantities of customized skin can help ameliorate scarring, changing lives.


On October 27, 2021, CSEM was awarded 3rd place at the EARTO Innovation Awards 2021, in their Impact Expected category. CSEM and CUTISS have created the world’s first automated skin graft production platform, denovoCast, which can produce large areas of personalized skin grafts from isolated, expanded cells in a secured, robust, and efficient manner. Generating skin that can be grafted in large quantities using a sample provided by the patient can help with scar amelioration – providing a potentially life-changing outcome.

EARTO’s Impact expected award is granted and adjudicated by an independent jury in recognition of original innovations that are not yet available on the market but can have a major future impact.

Behind the scenes look

Swiss start-up CUTISS has developed a revolutionary product, denovoSkin™, which can radically alter the way we treat large or deep skin defects/injuries. Through bioengineering, the company “grows” personalized skin tissue from a patient’s healthy cells in a lab. However, originally this process was both time-consuming and costly, limiting the scale-up and adoption of the advanced therapeutic product. Herein CSEM stepped on board and set about developing a fully automated manufacturing process for denovoSkin™, which was 100% compatible with strict medical requirements relating to tissue engineering, safety, sterility, and quality control. The outcome was the development of the denovoCast machine.

More information on Cutiss and CSEM collaboration