Components that pack a punch

The potential for micro-electro-mechanical systems is limitless.

Heater chip - MEMS

Without MEMS, your car, phone, tablet, Wi-Fi, GPS, or virtual reality headset would be defunct. They are at the beating heart of 21st technology yet remain largely unnoticed by the everyday user. We leverage our multidisciplinary micro-fabrication and packaging technology to develop and manufacture MEMS devices for high-added-value applications with demanding specifications. We also offer a one-stop-shop for the entire innovation chain while meeting ISO 9001 standards.

Our work

We facilitate and accelerate the adoption of new processes and materials in microfabrication and packaging. Turbocharge your microsystem innovation with our solutions:

  • MEMS powerhouse for industrializing and producing innovative devices made from either silicon, glass, silicon carbide, or lithium niobate (LiNbO3)
  • Lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI) platform for high-performance photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with sensing and non-linear applications (e.g., frequency comb generation)
  • Microfluidic chips and nanoporous membranes essential in the development of next-generation diagnostic tools, including organ-on-chips, ultra-filtration, and biosensors
  • Leading quantum sensing applications with wafer-level packaged rubidium vapor cells
  • Watch component fabrication and the manufacturing of multi-level silicon-based compliant mechanisms
  • Characterizing mechanical properties of materials at the mesoscale to better understand and further optimize their design and process parameters
  • Creating low-stress sealing on a wafer-scale using a laser-assisted diffusion bond (LADB) with optically transparent materials in the 9-15 mm wavelength range
  • Process validation of silver sintering as a high-power dissipation die mounting method in ESA space applications
  • Bond layer stacking of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) in the mid-IR range onto a carrier and then into a package
Mems testing.

Want to get involved?

Every industry and business can benefit from our expertise in MEMS and packaging. From smartphones to smart watches; from automobiles to medical devices; anywhere that requires miniaturization, sensing, actuating, communication, and processing is our specialty. Get in touch to find out how you can get more out of your MEMS today.

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Meet our happy customers

Jean-Pierre Musy

Technical Director

For several years, Patek Philippe and CSEM have been collaborating on the development of micromechanical parts for watch mechanisms. CSEM is an important driving force for innovation within our company.

Samson Rogers

Co-founder and CEO

Working with CSEM has been excellent. Developing a MEMS device requires not only the right facilities and equipment, but an extremely knowledgeable team with microfabrication processes ready to go.

Marco Giardina

Project Manager

Thanks to its industrial grade cleanroom infrastructure and passionate team, CSEM timely supported Hamilton to introduce in record time a new disruptive product with stringent quality requirements into the biopharmaceutical market.

Alexios Tzannis

Business Development Manager Life Sciences

CSEM was really open and flexible, proactively coming up with proposals for addressing the challenge and presenting the results superbly and on time—I can only give compliments about the collaboration.

Cornel Marxer


CSEM offers us a professional service for both manufacturing and development, which keeps us at the top of this high-tech field. We are very happy with this partnership.

Bruno Zemp

Head Advanced Engineering

CSEM has huge experience of laser cutting and packaging technologies and we knew this would be vital to a good solution. It’s always a pleasure to work with CSEM and share information and interesting discussions—collaborations between CSEM and SCHURTER have been successful for many years.

Serge Grop

R&D Program Manager

CSEM and Orolia Switzerland have had a long and successful partnership. We are grateful to have such a close relationship with this organization. Our ongoing project with CSEM is the development of a Chip Scale Rubidium Oscillator to complete Orolia's mRO-50™ product line. Thanks to CSEM's MEMS expertise and micromachining facilities, Orolia Switzerland will now be able to access new types of markets and provide our clients with affordable and reliable components based on the latest technologies.

Christian Ingesson

Fusion for Energy

CSEM overcame the technical challenges of working with unknown materials and unconventional product designs. We established a good collaborative spirit, which allowed us to consider alternatives and agree on the steps to take in order to develop the sensors.