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Corner Cube Mechanism (CCM) for MTG IRS: qualification andacceptance test campaign results and lessons learned
The Corner Cube Mechanism (CCM) of the Infra-Red Sounder (IRS) for the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellites completed an extensive qualification test campaign demonstrating the high-precision mechanism met stringent requirements for operation in the harsh environment of space at geostationary orbit. The Qualification Test Program was performed both at component/sub-system level and at mechanism level. The FM (Flight Model) Acceptance test campaign was hindered by two major setbacks. The first was encountered just prior to the random vibration tests on the PFM (Proto-Flight Model), where it was discovered that a number of critical bolts had loosened despite the fact that they were locked by adhesive. The second with the discovery of the FM2 Optical Switch (OS) ruler broken inside the mechanism while the final sequence of the bolt replacement procedure. The PFM and FM2 performance tests confirmed the previous EQM (Engineering Qualification Model) test results. The maximum lateral deviation for a stroke of 10mm was measured <0.4µm compared to the 2µm specification.

Authors: P. Spanoudakis, P. Schwab, L. Kiener, G. Perruchoud, H. Saudan, M. Gumy, Y-J. Regamey

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