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Toward Compliant and Structural Optimization of a Compliant Rotational Reducer Mechanism
This paper presents a Compliant Rotational Reducer Mechanism (CRRM), under development in the context of a space project. The CRRM is optimized using structural and flexural topology optimization for respectively, the structural and flexure problems. With respect to the structural optimization, a mass reduction of 20 % and a shift of the lowest undesirable eigenfrequency from 400 to 1000 Hz was obtained. For the flexural optimization, a Rotational Center Constraint (RCC) and a Floating Structure Modal Objective Function (FSMOF) are introduced. The FSMOF allows to impose a desired eigenmode of a mechanism. The RCC and FSMOF are applied to generate a flexure pivot with eigenmodes of a typical flexure pivot. Finally, these results are integrated into a novel version of the CRRM.

Authors: L. Komini, J.Kruis, G.Perruchoud, F.Cosandier, L.Kiener, H. Saudan

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