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Thoracic EIT in 3D: experiences and recommendations
Simulations of the forward and reconstructed sensitivities were analysed for two electrode planes using a ''square'' pattern of electrode placement as a function of two variables: the stimulation and measurement ''skip'', and the electrode plane separation. Next, single- versus two-plane measurements were compared in a horse and in human volunteers. We further show the feasibility of 3D reconstructions by reconstructing multiple transverse and, unusually, frontal slices during ventilation. Using two electrode planes leads to a reduced position error and improvement in off-plane contrast rejection. 2D reconstructions from two-plane measurements showed better separation of lungs, as compared to the single plane measurements which tend to push contrasts in the center of the image. 3D reconstructions of the same data show anatomically plausible images, inside as well as outside the volume between the two electrode planes.

Authors: B. Grychtol, J. P. Schramel, F. Braun, T. Riedel, U. Auer, M. Mosing, C. Braun, A. D. Waldmann, S. H. Böhm, A. Adler

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