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Re-modeling ELISA kits embedded in an automated system suitable for on-line detection of algal toxins in seawater
The increasing demand by citizens and environmental organization for the protection, preservation, and possible restoration of the marine environment has made seawater protection one of the urgent priorities of the European Union. In this contest, extensive monitoring and surveillance are required to correctly assess the current status of marine environment, paying attention not only to traditional chemical parameters, but also to the so-called “emerging pollutants”. Among these, marine biotoxins represent a serious hazard, because they can accumulate in fish and mussels and enter the food chain. The detection of marine toxins released by algae has mostly been directed on the analysis of fish/shellfish homogenate rather than seawater samples. To fill this gap, in this work, we propose the re-modeling of ELISA kits to set-up non-automated direct competitive ELIMC (Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Magnetic Colorimetric) assays for the detection of Domoic Acid (DA), Okadaic Acid (OA) and Saxitoxin (STX) in seawater.

Authors: K. Petropoulos, S.F. Bodini, L. Fabiani, L. Micheli, A. Porchetta, S. Piermarini, G. Volpe, F.M. Pasquazzi, L. Sanfilippo, P. Moscetta, S. Chiavarini, G. Palleschi

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