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Redesign, manufacturing and validation testing of a space-compatible slipring rotor based on additive manufacturing
A novel design concept has been developed based on an Additive Manufacturing (AM) process, enabling the redesign of the rotor of a cylindrical Slipring Assembly (SRA) intended for space applications. The implementation of the concept leads to a significant simplification of the physical architecture of the subsystem, with subsequent reduction of the manufacturing and assembly operations. The prototypes manufactured and tested show electrical and lifetime performances which are compatible with Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADMs) LEO and GEO applications. The first phase of this development was funded by the Swiss Space Office and reached a TRL 4 [1]. The partnership between RUAG Slip Rings SA (RSSR) and CSEM SA continues to optimize the design of the AM-based SRA rotor and to perform a detailed qualification at SRA level. In parallel, a conventionally produced SRA rotor will be procured and qualified for benchmarking purposes, following the same qualification flow. At the same time, several innovative features pertaining to the SRA stator will be qualified. At the end of this phase, the new SRA will reach a TRL7

Authors: H. Saudan, L. Kiener, S. Liberatoscioli, F. Cochet, M. Henry

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