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High pulse energy stabilized passively mode-locked external cavity inverse bow-tie 980nm laser diode for space applications
We report on multi-section inverse bow-tie laser producing mode-locked pulses of 90 pJ energy and 6.5 ps width (895 fs after compression) at 1.3 GHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and consuming 2.9 W of electric power. The laser operates in an 80 mm long external cavity. By translation of the output coupling mirror, the PRF was continuously tuned over 37 MHz range without additional adjustments. Active stabilization with a phase lock loop actuating on the driving current has allowed us to reach the PRF relative stability at a 2.10-10 level on 10 s intervals, as required by the European Space Agency (ESA) for inter-satellite long distance measurements.

Authors: M. Krakowski, P. Resneau, M. Garcia, E. Vinet, Y. Robert, M. Lecomte, et al.

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