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Novel micro-fabricated Fabry-Perot filters in infrared
We have designed, fabricated and tested narrow-band Fabry-Perot filters in the infrared using gold porous mirrors and a silicon spacer layer. The filter peaks at 10 mu m and 15 mu m have approximately 10% transmission and a 1.5% linewidth. A Fabry-Perot structure with plane metal layers having a similar linewidth would have a transmission of only 0.2%. Thus, for the same linewidth we have improved the transmission by a factor of 50. Apart from the optical enhancements, these filters also have the advantage that they can be made inexpensively in a standard silicon MEMS technology and that their resonances can be finely tuned through postprocessing.

Authors: B. Timotijevic, A. Dunbar, A. Hoogerwerf, N. Niketic, R. Stanley, and M. Despont

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