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Closing the Cell-to-Module Efficiency Gap: A Fully Laser Scribed Perovskite Minimodule With 16% Steady-State Aperture Area Efficiency
Organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells show increasing power conversion efficiencies, approaching the values of silicon-based devices. To date, however, most of the reported record efficiencies for perovskite solar devices are obtained on single cells with active areas significantly below 1 cm(2). Hence, demonstrating highly efficient devices with an upscaled active area is one of the key challenges faced by this technology. Here, we demonstrate the successful use of thin-film laser patterning techniques to produce 14 cm(2) modules with steady-state aperture area efficiencies as high as 16% and a geometrical fill factor of 92%.

Authors: A. Walter, S. J. Moon, B. A. Kamino, L. Lofgren, D. Sacchetto, F. Matteocci, et al.

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