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Aging Analysis of a NMC/LTO cell by Impedance Model Parametrization
The paper describes the aging behavior of the NMC/LTO li-ion cell using impedance model of the cell when cycled at different operating conditions. Paper depicts change in impedance with state of charge and cycle life. Both, solution and charge transfer, resistances increase at different stages of battery life. Change is Solution resistance (R1) is impacted by electrolyte decompositions as it changes significantly when discharge from 50 to 0%. However, it changes very little when discharge from 100 to 50% SOC. With model parameters variations, it seems C-rate has bigger impact on diffusion rather than on cell resistances and capacitances.

Authors: C. Giger, L. Lauber, N. Khare, A. Santis, A. Vezzini, and Ieee

ISBN/ISSN 978-9-0758-1527-6

in 2017 19th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (Issue), ed New York: Ieee, 2017.