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Exploring silicon carbide- and silicon oxide-based layer stacks for passivating contacts to silicon solar cells
We present the development of passivating contacts for high-efficiency silicon solar cells using silicon oxide (SiOx) and silicon carbide (SiCx)-based layers. We discuss a comprehensive optimization of a SiCx-based passivating hole contact reaching implied open circuit voltages >715 mV. In addition, we introduce a passivating hole contact based on nanocrystalline SiOx (nc-SiOx) targeting compatibility with higher process temperatures as well as increased optical transparency for front side application. First planar test devices employing nc-SiOx-based passivating contacts for both charge carrier types are presented, yielding short-circuit current densities >34 mA/cm(2) and fill factors >78%, showing that efficient current extraction is possible despite the added SiOx phase and also indicating potential optical advantages of the concept.

Authors: P. Loper, G. Nogay, P. Wyss, M. Hyvl, P. Procel, J. Stuckelberger, et al.

ISBN/ISSN 978-1-5090-5605-7

in 2017 Ieee 44th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (Issue), ed New York: Ieee, 2017, pp. 2073-2075.