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Fabrication of Functional Plastic Parts Using Nanostructured Steel Mold Inserts
We report on the fabrication of sub-micro and nanostructured steel mold inserts for the replication of nanostructured immunoassay biochips. Planar and microstructured stainless steel inserts were textured at the sub-micron and nanoscale by combining nanosphere lithography and electrochemical etching. This allowed the fabrication of structures with lateral dimensions of hundreds of nanometers and aspect ratios of up to 1: 2. Nanostructured plastic parts were produced by means of hot embossing and injection molding. Surface nanostructuring was used to control wettability and increase the sensitivity of an immunoassay.

Authors: N. Blondiaux, R. Pugin, G. Andreatta, L. Tenchine, S. Dessors, P. F. Chauvy, et al.

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