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Lifetime assessment of RbN3-filled MEMS atomic vapor cells with Al2O3 coating
Micro-fabricated (MEMS) alkali vapor cells are at the heart of the miniaturization of atomic devices such as atomic magnetometers, atomic gyroscopes and atomic clocks. Among the different techniques used to fill microfabricated alkali vapor cell, UV decomposition of rubidium azide (RbN3) into metallic Rb and nitrogen in Al2O3 coated cells is a very promising approach for low-cost wafer-level fabrication. Here we present a detailed lifetime study of such cells. The rubidium consumption being the main identified cell failure mode, it is monitored with an novel image analysis technique and with high temperature long term aging tests. (C) 2017 Optical Society of America

Authors: S. Karlen, J. Gobet, T. Overstolz, J. Haesler, and S. Lecomte

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