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Compact optical MEMS accelerometers and temperature sensors
Continuous and accurate monitoring of acceleration and temperature inside large turbo- and hydro-generators is of crucial importance to prevent extremely expensive system damages and false positives. Development of optical, metal-free sensors for such systems has gained a lot of attention due to the fact that they are resistant to typically very strong electromagnetic fields and that they are non-conductive. We present miniature temperature and accelerometer optical sensors using a common silicon MEMS platform. A linear response with a deviation as small as 1% between set and measured accelerations has been obtained in an acceleration range 0-40g. Preliminary tests for temperature sensors indicate a linear response with sensitivity better than 1 degrees C in a range of 20 degrees C to 150 degrees C.

Authors: B. Timotijevic, Y. Petremand, D. Bayat, M. Luetzelschwab, L. Aebi, and M. Tormen

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