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Demonstrating the high V-oc potential of PEDOT:PSS/c-Si heterojunctions on solar cells
In this study, we demonstrate the high surface passivation quality of PEDOT:PSS/c-Si junctions for the first time on solar cell level, reaching a record high V-oc value of 688 mV after full-area metallization of the PEDOT:PSS. We achieve this by combining the PEDOT:PSS hole-selective layer at the rear of the crystalline silicon wafer with a well-passivating electron-selective a-Si:H(i/n) layer stack at the front. Our results clearly prove the excellent hole selectivity of PEDOT:PSS on crystalline silicon. (C) 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Authors: R. Gogolin, D. Zielke, A. Descoeudres, M. Despeisse, C. Ballif, and J. Schmidt

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