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System Optimization and Vehicle Integration
This chapter deals with the most important possibilities for improving the overall vehicle performance of electrified vehicles. Thus, it describes the results and the key messages of several IEA-IA-HEV-Task 17 workshops and studies, by focusing on the following topics: center dot E-Motors: This section is focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of Permanent Magnet Motors with rare-earth permanent magnets, representing one of the most common motors being used so far (based on the reporting year 2012). Additionally it focuses on alternatives for permanent magnet motors, which are currently at a few level. center dot Battery Management Systems (BMS): A BMS constantly controls the functionality and charge of the battery cells. Therefore, it is necessary to lengthen battery life. This chapter addresses concerns for current BMS, provides an overview about their basics and highlights the most important BMS-Tasks for High Voltage batteries as well as the demonstration of a Lithium-Ion battery performance and cost model for electrified vehicles.

Authors: M. Nikowitz, S. Boyd, A. Vezzini, I. Kunz, M. Duoba, K. Gallagher, et al.

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