KRAKEN—Helping to elaborate the future of manufacturing
Researchers to create the world's biggest and most accurate additive and subtractive manufacturing machine
CSEM and fourteen international partners join forces in a European project that aims to develop the biggest, most accurate subtractive and additive machine in the world—paving the way for large-part production by a single apparatus. The project, entitled KRAKEN, is coordinated by AITIIP (Spain) and has a budget of 5.9 million euros.

The KRAKEN project, co-funded under the H2020 program, will combine various key technologies—including 3-D printing, robotics, 7DoF real-time control, complex monitoring, advanced control algorithms, and the support of innovative CAM software—in a single machine.

This will make KRAKEN the largest 3-D printer and subtractive system in the world for both metal and non-metallic materials; able to print high-performance industrial products up to 20 meters long with greater accuracy and improved final quality.

José Antonio Dieste, Aitiip—“The project will face three challenges: to develop new 3-D industrial technologies and new subtraction technologies and to improve the quality and control of the manufacturing process. All of this in one of the bigger fabricating frames. KRAKEN will be able to work with parts of more than 20 meters in length.

The concept for KRAKEN was born following the conclusion—in November 2015—of the highly successful project MEGAROB FP7, coordinated by AITIIP, in which parts were machined and finished in an area up to 20x6x3 meters, allowing part size to be separated and accuracy concepts developed, paving the way for the production of large parts in a single machine.


The KRAKEN project is co-funded by the European research and innovation program Horizon 2020 (project number 723759). It officially began in October 2016 and will run for 36 months. It involves 15 industrial and academic partners from across eight European countries and has a budget of EUR 5.9 million—30 percent of which is allocated to SMEs. KRAKEN is coordinated by AITIIP (Spain).

The 15 partners will combine their expertise, knowledge, and resources to reach the project’s goal:

  • AITIIP, Acciona, Arasol (Spain)
  • CSEM, Leica Geosystems (Switzerland)
  • Cecimo (Belgium)
  • Vision Business Consultants (Greece)
  • Pininfarina, Centro Richerche FIAT (Italy)
  • Espace 2001 SA (Luxembourg)
  • Autonomous Systems, Teamnet World Professional Services (Romania)
  • Vero Software, Alchemie Ltd, TWI (United Kingdom)
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