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23 November 2022

CSEM and ECAL create art using advanced technology

Students from the Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL) have teamed up with CSEM’s engineers to create an avant-garde iridescent jewelry collection.

Close-up on the multi-axis bioreactor system

19 October 2022

Multi-axis bioreactor: preclinical assessment of intervertebral disc tissues

A multi-axis bioreactor designed for therapy testing of musculoskeletal diseases as a culture of intervertebral discs under complex mechanical stimulation.

Liquid handler by Tecan

18 October 2022

Digital support for lab techs helps them avoid mistakes and prevent quality-related errors

DeckCheck™ for lab techs is a deep-learning vision system developed by CSEM and integrated in TECAN's Fluent® automated workstation.

Two pilots in a plane cockpit

20 September 2022

Humans and machines work in sync in a cockpit assistance system

European Clean Sky project PEGGASUS: CSEM and its partners have developed a vision system that allows pilots to focus on important tasks in the cockpit, improving crew efficiency and maximizing flight safety.

15 July 2022

Simplifying the world of materials properties evaluation using AI

AIWizard | An artificial intelligence option for Mettler-Toledo’s STARe software that will make it easier to interpret DSC curves for thermal analysis.

27 June 2022

Smart energy management systems

Local management of energy systems is a key enabler of the future smart grid with a growing penetration of photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles, and heat pumps.

HistoBrick: a textured hydrogel-based plate enabling sectioning of 96 micro-tissue arrays throughout the paraffin-embedding histology process.

24 June 2022

Micro-histology: a new discipline for organoid technology

A new micro-histology tool, HistoBrick paves the way for histopathological evaluation of organoids and micro-tissue arrays.

Heater chip - MEMS

2 May 2022

Plastics get a unique digital watermark

DynamicMold Technology by matriq AG: Watermark is directly embedded in the plastic during the injection molding procedure

16 February 2022

CSEM and Patek Philippe team up

Gold layer improves the inner workings of watches: a new method that improves the functioning and resistance of the key parts of a watch movement.