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31 May 2023

CSEM collaborates with innovative Swiss start-up MOMM Diagnostics to introduce revolutionary preeclampsia test

A cutting-edge point-of-care solution for preeclampsia diagnostics has been developed by the two partners: the system resembles a pregnancy test with electronic result analysis and allows a rapid diagnostic test carried out in the doctor’s office.

team of 3 women and 2 men

16 May 2023

Democratizing RNA sequencing: A breakthrough in cost and efficiency

CSEM helped Alithea Genomics to create a technique that can handle hundreds of RNA samples in a single tube, resulting in a significant decrease in reagents and manual effort in the overall workflow.

20 March 2023

CSEM nominates its new Chair of the Board

CSEM’s Board of Directors will appoint Mr. Andreas Rickenbacher as its new Chair of the Board, subject to his election as a member of the Board of Directors during CSEM’s Annual General Meeting by its General Assembly.

Battery Innovation Hub inauguration : (from left to right) Alexandre Pauchard (CSEM, CEO), Andreas Hutter (CSEM, Group Leader Energy Systems), Andrea Ingenito (CSEM, Group Leader Sustainable Energy) and Pierre-Alain Leuenberger (Neuchâtel Cantonal Bank, General Director).

16 February 2023

The race to develop the battery of the future: Switzerland is developing its strong potential for innovation

Yesterday, 80 handpicked guests inaugurated CSEM's new Battery Innovation Hub (BIH) in Neuchâtel. This facility is the only one of its kind in the country and is therefore an important guarantee for Switzerland's competitiveness.

Martin Lemay, Alexandre Pauchard and Martin Proença - two of the winners of the CSEM Innovator Award 2023 and the CEO of CSEM.

8 February 2023

Invention for continuous blood pressure monitoring wins CSEM's 2023 Inventor Award

For the second year in a row, CSEM is granting its Inventor Award to a patented technological innovation with a high impact on our business, the industry and society in general. This year, the award has been granted to four researchers who have developed a continuous optical blood pressure measurement system.

3 February 2023

Making personalized cancer therapies accessible to all

CSEM has supported Lausanne-based start-up Limula in its mission to make cell therapies more affordable, and to facilitate access to these personalized treatments.

Jérôme Le Gouévec and Christophe Ballif shaking hands in CSEM building in Neuchâtel

31 January 2023

Energy transition: Is Neuchâtel set to lead the way?

Neuchâtel-based energy provider Viteos has announced a five-year partnership with CSEM to find innovative technical solutions to support the energy transition.

18 November 2022

Claude Nicollier will hand over office in June 2023

Effective June 2023, Claude Nicollier will step down from his position as CSEM’s Chairperson of the Board of Directors during its Annual General Meeting. The 78-year-old astronaut and honorary professor at EPFL took over as Chairperson in June 2007.

4 November 2022

Swiss manufacturer, DIXI Polytool, wins CSEM’s Digital Journey contest!

The company will receive 100,000 Swiss francs in technical support from CSEM. CSEM’s Digital Journey award is significant within the Swiss innovation environment, as it explicitly supports small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have enormous potential to drive the nation’s economic development.