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EU PVSEC 2023 logo

18 September 2023 - 22 September 2023


Join us at EUPVSEC, the leading European conference dedicated to photovoltaic technology to explore the latest advancements, engage with global experts, and contribute to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future!

20 September 2023 - 22 September 2023

Esmats 2023

Join CSEM in ESMATS Warsaw for the most important event for space mechanisms! CSEM team organizes a booth with demonstrators, a 2 days course and will make presentations on many space projects.

21 September 2023

Zuger Innovationstag 2023

(German only) Der Zuger Innovationstag vom Technologie Forum Zug am 21. September 2023. CSEM ist als Technologiepartner wieder dabei: mit einem spannenden Workshop und in der ID:Zug.ex

27 September 2023

COMSOL multiphysics seminar at CSEM

Join our exclusive, free workshop and discover the extraordinary power of COMSOL Multiphysics® software to revolutionize your understanding, predictions, and optimization of real-world projects.

1 October 2023 - 4 October 2023

Computing in Cardiology conference 2023

Computing in Cardiology (CinC)is an international scientific conference taking place in Atlanta for computing in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular physiology. Meet our CSEM experts for 3 fascinating lectures!

4 October 2023 - 6 October 2023

BiotechX 2023

Visit CSEM at Europe's largest pharmaceutical development & healthcare event! Don't miss CSEM's Tim Heinemann's lecture on (E)merging Cellomics: Predictive and Interpretable AI from Multimodal Biomedical Data Integration, on October 5th at 14:30.

IoT inspire 2023 logo

6 October 2023

IoT Inspire 2023 - Sustainability: Game Changer IoT

(German only) Verantwortung als Chance: Nachhaltigkeit - Game Changer IoT. Die Ostschweizer IoT-Konferenz mit Kultcharakter widmet sich dieses Jahr dem drängendsten Thema unserer Zeit.

10 October 2023 - 12 October 2023

Forum EPFL 2023

Visit us during Switzerland's 1st recruitment fair on October 10th & 12th 2023 at Forum EPFL! A presentation from CSEM will be done on Tuesday by our HR Director and on Thursday we will be ready to meet our new talents and discuss our open positions.

Medtech congress 2023 logo

11 October 2023 - 12 October 2023

MedTech Congress 2023

We are excited to announce that the CSEM supports a great initiative and is a partner-sponsor of the MEDTECH CONGRESS (2nd edition), which is taking place at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area - site Jura. Meet us at our booth!

Past events

Logo World of data Schweiz

19 September 2023

World of Data Schweiz

(German only) Erstmals in der Schweiz: World of Data – der Event für KI-Enthusiasten, Datenexperten und Softwarehersteller. Philipp Schmid vom CSEM eröffnet den Anlass mit einer Keynote.

12 September 2023

Tech4growth 2023

Register now for the Tech4Growth Conference gathering the industry! Don’t miss the chance to learn from leaders and to build impactful partnerships with start-ups, corporates, and academia.

12 September 2023 - 13 September 2023

Swiss Medtech Expo 2023

CSEM is happy to be again part of the Swiss Medtech Expo 2023 taking place in Lucerne. You can find us at the HTCS common booth Hall 2, F 2144. Looking forward to meeting you there!

12 September 2023 - 13 September 2023

AMX 2023

Join CSEM at AM Expo in Lucerne! Visit the Partnerzone to explore cutting-edge innovations and attend our presentation on "Processing of Advanced Materials Enabled by AM".

ESB 2023 logo

4 September 2023 - 8 September 2023

ESB 2023

Join CSEM at ESB in Davos! Visit the exhibition zone to explore cutting-edge innovations and learn about our collaboration with AO Foundation & ETH on 6-DOF bioreactors for musculoskeletal research.

31 August 2023

Swiss Automation 2023

(German only) SWISS AUTOMATION ist eine Ausstellung über innovative Technologien und Entwicklungsansätze. Thema 2023: "Efficiency in Automation. Philipp Schmid vom CSEM wird einen Vortrag über hocheffiziente Produktion halten.

24 August 2023 - 25 August 2023

Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids workshop

The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids workshop is a two-day event bringing together decision makers from the pharma & biotech industry, clinicians, organ-on-chips suppliers, regulatory experts and research organizations. 

Logo CSEMVIVA 2023

21 August 2023


(German only) Qualität als Erfolgsfaktor – An unserem diesjährigen Innovationsanlass im Alpenrheintal zeigen wir wie Qualität als Triebfeder innovativen Organisationen Wettbewerbsvorteile verschafft.

6 July 2023

IoT and sustainability

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows for extensive monitoring and control of daily life, but each sensor requires power and eventually disposal. Considering the push for a sustainable world, is the IoT part of the solution, or part of the problem? Join us at the next CSEM Tech-Talk, organized in partnership with Innovaud, to explore this vital topic!