Ultra-Low-Power integrated systems
Wireless & short-range communications
Enabling IoT and wearables: low-power radio, standards-based or dedicated proprietary protocols, and miniaturized systems for the next generation of ULP, adaptable, and robust wireless systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality, however a number of challenges remain: robustness in harsh environments, extended autonomy (ultimately self-powering via energy harvesting), increased mobility, and improved quality of service. These in turn require highly miniaturized, ultra-low-power solutions, for which CSEM is renowned. CSEM’s wireless solutions combine the best of radio-frequency ASIC and system design with advances in embedded software, protocols, and digital signal processing for improved adaptability, robustness, and overall performance. Our expert wireless team is able to provide all the elements of the solution: miniature, high-performance antenna design and propagation analysis; selection of the best modulation, coding, and protocol; development of hardware platforms based either on off-the-shelf components or a custom ASIC; and embedded software.

Some of the world's leading companies, including Swiss firms, look to CSEM for their most demanding requirements: ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy chipsets for wearable technologies; reliable autonomous wireless sensor networks for aircraft; miniature antennas for hearing aids and medical implants; and UWB RFIC for secure ranging, to name but a few. Our team of experts is already preparing future applications in RF sensing such as contactless microwave detection of contamination and sub-terahertz food quality sensing.

CSEM is the ideal partner for the next generation of ultra-low-power, adaptive, and robust wireless systems.

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