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The future has arrived, and never has the proverbial choice of "sink or swim" been so relevant. Technology is revolutionizing how business can (and should) be done—and those businesses that don’t adapt risk losing clients faster than high-speed Internet travelling on an optical fiber.

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We are entering the golden age of the Internet of Things—where everyday objects are smart and connected—and this is driving innovation. Wearable technology will push connectedness to a new level and make flexible working patterns more flexible still. This move will be furthered by smartwatches—allowing us to hear and dictate e-mails while on our morning run, while checking our vital signs at the same time. These new technologies are driven by ever more powerful algorithms, their power hidden away in seamless interfaces that connect us to wireless body networks.

But, as always, new opportunities come hand in hand with new challenges. Digital health—and its application to the personalization of medicine—promises to revolutionize contemporary healthcare by building predictive models of patients’ health and behaviors. And simultaneously society will have to learn how to cope with an increasing demand for energy while managing its supply as the various forms of energy production multiply. Today, most of the technologies required to ensure that this inescapable transformation is a success have either already been developed or are in the pipeline. The energy sector itself will undergo rapid disruption. Just as we see new providers emerge, the older relics of our energy past will need to adapt or fade away.

Swiss manufacturing—which grew during an era of labor-intensive and mechanics-based progress—is in need of an innovation “reboot”. Today, facing unprecedented competition from abroad, shifting to advanced manufacturing processes with nanotechnologies and new materials to make new devices may well be the only way to stay in the game.

CSEM is poised to be a frontline player in these trends, and can take your business to the next level, and into a future of creative technologies. Stay tuned and read on to find out how.

How technologies make the difference

Industry 4.0: the future of industry is now.

Imagine a vacuum cleaner factory in Switzerland in the near future where every component of every machine is connected to an intelligent network that can predict component failure. These systems would then be part of an entire “smart factory” where the interconnected systems develop self-awareness and self-prediction, reducing downtime to virtually zero.

Advanced manufacturing: Clean, efficient, and high-quality, and with CSEM in pole position.

It’s a tough time for Switzerland’s manufacturing industry. Global competition has never been higher, while meeting our energy and resource needs is becoming an increasingly tough challenge. So, how do we survive and thrive? The answer—of course—lies in research and innovation.

The Internet of Things: Don’t let your business miss the boat.

No sooner has business mastered the Internet than along comes the Internet of Things—the idea that all “things”, or everyday objects, will soon be the connected to the Internet. And that idea is set to be big, with experts predicting it will generate USD 14 trillion worth of opportunities in the next ten years. IoT will transform most aspects of business and our lives, including healthcare, retail, transportation, and industry, as well as our homes and cities. So, how do you get on board?

Smartwatches: Welcome to the party! (CSEM’s been here for years.)

While the rest of the world might just be waking up to the potential of wearable technology, CSEM has been active in the domain for more than 20 years.  CSEM’s research in microelectronics, microsystems, and systems has paved the way for the invention of smartwatches. 

Medical prothetics & implants technology: it’s getting disruptive in here

Our small country of Switzerland is one of the most important medical technology hubs in the world. The medtech sector’s contribution to GDP is higher than in any other country. But this typically Swiss business is changing. Many external factors are influencing this normally conservative and relatively safe economic niche. Whether Switzerland maintains its prominent position in a time of technological upheaval depends on whether industry leaders make frank assessments of their business model and revise their notion of success to include long-term benefits to society.

Personalized digital health: CSEM at the center of this health revolution.

In terms of profound changes in habits, methodologies, and financing, healthcare may be the sector to undergo the greatest disruption from the ongoing digital revolution. The convergence of mobile information technology with mature scientific revolutions in biology and medicine has created the necessary conditions for a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is organized and administered—a move away from traditional medicine and toward what is being called "personalized digital health".

The future of energy: How we're ready to "change everything".

With awareness of climate change’s social, economic, and political risks reaching a tipping point, a global consensus is being reached. And that consensus says that the future of energy production and distribution will need to be very different from the models of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Here at CSEM, we believe that if we are to meet these enormous challenges in time to make a significant positive difference to global warming, holistic technological solutions—which include not only green energy production, but also storage, distribution, and efficiency—will have to play an essential role.

Food & Agriculture: the future of farming

Food production, while not the most lucrative business on the planet, is one of the most important human endeavors. For the time being, the industry continues to remain firmly planted in an analog mode of survival, not ready to accept or implement increasingly sophisticated digital technologies.

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