Photovoltaics & energy management
Photovoltaics thin films and devices
At CSEM, we are developing the next generation of perovskite-based, thin-film solar cells and combining them with silicon-based cells to create integrated units that may eventually feature a conversion efficiency of more than 30 percent. These state-of-the-art tandem cells are set to change the way we build, power our devices, and light up our world.

In building-integrated photovoltaics, we’re merging these tandem cells with terracotta-colored PV materials that mimic the look and texture of regular roof tiles. We’re developing PV elements for facades and for direct integration into construction materials, excelling in a field where durability, aesthetics, and price per square meter are key. Having developed strong partnerships with the world’s most active thin-film producers, we’re well positioned to develop these new products and contribute to their manufacture.

Just as we’re helping our buildings draw energy more easily from the environment, we’re also improving the devices we use. Decreasing power consumption and the rise of wireless communication mean some gadgets can live off energy they harvest from the world around them. To do this, they need energy scavengers, which can take the form of smart watches or of sensors and actuators controlled and monitored by smartphones. Our cells already demonstrate outstanding performance under low levels of artificial light, opening the door to harvesting applications in watches, mobile phones, and health and fitness devices.

Few companies master solar cell development together with low-power electronics and surface engineering technologies. At CSEM, we do. This makes it easy to adapt our work with transparent conductive materials to other applications such as LED and OLED lighting, touch screens, and large-area electronics.

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