Materials characterization, small-scale production, and testing
Coating services
CSEM has earned a trusted position with customers in many industrials sectors, including photovoltaics, semiconductor, life sciences, and medical.

Based on our activities in photovoltaics and MEMS development, we offer a wide range of coating and characterization services for specific applications such as opto-electronics, MEMS/sensing, surface functionalization, aesthetics, and energy. 

The services provided by CSEM rely on the center’s large equipment portfolio and are compatible with up to 8” wafer surfaces and piece thicknesses up to 5 mm on both rigid and flexible substrates.

  • Vacuum-based installation including several PVD (sputtering), CVD (thermal and plasma), ALD, and MVD tools. We offer coating related developments ranging from pure deposition services to more prospective material and process developments. 
  • A panel of instrumentation used for materials characterization, dimensional metrology and quality control, chemical composition analysis, reliability testing, real-time analysis, and failure-mode analysis, etc. We respond to your exact needs by selecting the most appropriate solution from the available techniques. 

Application-specific portfolio

Opto-electronics: Development of materials and processes for inorganic and organics LEDs.

MEMS/sensing: Development of thin-film-based sensors and MEMS

Surface functionalization: Materials and processes for tribological, coloring, and device protection.

Aesthetics: Development of interferential filters

Energy: High-efficiency silicon cells, thin-film PV

Characterization & testing tools

We provide you with easy access to the instruments used for materials characterization, high-resolution 3D imaging, dimensional measurement, real-time analysis and failure-mode analysis.

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Coating & thin-film deposition equipment

PVD—Physical Vapor Deposition (sputtering): Horizontal and vertical PVD cluster tools with RF and DC magnetrons, including single- and multi-target chambers for rapid material screening; used for metal (Ag, Al, Mo…), dielectric (TiO, SiO, MoOx…), metal oxides (ZnO, ITO...), and semiconductor (nitrides) depositions.

CVD—Chemical Vapor Deposition  Thermal and PECVD (plasma-enhanced CVD) cluster tools; used for a-Si, SiNx, SiC, SiOx, and  a-C:H depositions

ALD—Atomic Layer Deposition: Thermal and plasma (ICP) assisted ALD chamber; used for dielectric, metal oxide (ZnO, AlOx, NiOx...), and semiconductor depositions

MVD—Molecular Vapor Deposition

Do you have a specific request or a technological challenge to come? We are here to help you match the exact right analytical approach or service to the problem at hand.

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