Paris, June 14
CSEM is awarded the Hermès Innovation Prize
At the service of industry for over 30 years, CSEM has been rewarded for its technological excellence with a Hermès innovation prize. This award is given each year by the Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’innovation and the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation.

For the 10th time, this distinction recognizes those companies and organizations that have succeeded in integrating the best state-of-the-art knowledge in products and services, increasing the satisfaction of individuals and society. CSEM thereby joins prestigious research centers such as the Fraunhofer Institute or CERN in the technological hall of fame. Companies such as Novartis or Actelion have also been recognized in the past for programs or developments of a humanist nature.

The harmonious cohabitation of man and technology is at the heart of CSEM’s mission.

More information about the Hermès innovation prize.

Hermes press release (EN)
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