Neuchatel, 24 January 2017
A bright future for OLEDs
Developing a low-cost, efficient method of increasing the attractiveness of OLEDs for lighting poses a significant challenge. Thanks to a CTI project, CSEM and Sefar AG have succeeded in designing a promising state-of-the-art way of achieving this aim. This technology opens up new opportunities for applications in residential, architectural, professional lighting segments, as well as consumer electronics.

OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) have long been deemed to be the lighting technology of the future. However, their market penetration remains minute due to their high production costs and moderate light output compared to, for example, inorganic LEDs.

Considerable resources have been applied, unsuccessfully, to overcoming these barriers. Thanks to a project supported by the Swiss Confederation (CTI project), CSEM and the company Sefar are now able to propose a promising solution featuring interesting production costs, high efficiency, and compatibility with the fabrication of large-area OLEDS.

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