Just one application of the vision-in-package system
Real-time face detection and recognition
A small, powerful, real-time vision system running sophisticated algorithms on a low-power processor—a combination well-suited to cost-effective, small-space applications.

The vision-in-package (VIP) system is a tiny, complete camera system with a low-power processor, an imager, optics, and a wireless communication interface. The face detection and recognition application runs in real time and is fully embedded on the VIP. ‘New’ individuals can be registered to the face database instantly at any time with just a few clicks.

Key features

  • Face detection, facial landmark tracking, and person identification at ~3–4 fps
  • Fully embedded data processing (ARM Cortex M4)
  • Smallest complete vision system (1 cm3)
  • Stand-alone software with no external dependencies
  • Tiny memory footprint (less than 2 MB Flash and 6 MB RAM)

We invite you to sit back, enjoy the film, and discover the VIP system in action.

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