Organization of dye molecules
CSEM's extensive work in nanotechnology provides new solutions for the elaboration of nanostructured functional films with enhanced performance or unique properties. CSEM uses blue light sources and quantum dots to produce brighter colors even while using less energy. Our technology is based on mesoporous thin films that encapsulate both special dyes and luminescent quantum dots.

Our novel, patented technology involves the organization of dye molecules into molecular crystals, called j-aggregates, by a self-assembly process. The innovation lies in the simple means of assembling these molecular dyes into perfect j-aggregates with the help of special polymers called dendrimers. When applied to mesoporous films containing red- or green-emitting quantum dots, the technology allows for efficient energy transfer from j-aggregates to luminescent quantum dots, and significantly enhanced emission.

Based on standard coating technologies and self-assembly processes, our proposed solution can be produced by the square kilometer using existing manufacturing processes and equipment. That keeps it simple and low-cost.

This leads to many advantages - the solution is thin, flexible, bright, low-cost and energy efficient - and a wide range of potential uses.

In IT, watches, and cars; for decorative, flexible lighting, or off-grid power sources and building integration, products based on our technology will ensure that the future's bright for us all.

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