Nanotechnology serves aeronautics
The French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Innovation Trophy
The Innovation Trophy 2016 of the French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry was presented to CSEM and ONERA in Montreux, Switzerland. The award recognizes the excellence of their technical outcomes in developing a pressure- sensitive paint (PSP) for aerodynamic analyses in transonic wind tunnels to improve aircraft safety and flight performance.

The key factors for the success of this collaboration were the excellence of the researchers, the complementary scientific and technical nature of the two organizations, and the successful union of aeronautical and space technologies with nanotechnologies.

Nanotechnology serves aeronautics

The tangible results are a highly competitive technology and the addition of a significant new metrological tool to ONERA's offering. The new paint developed with CSEM has already been used by ONERA in the context of an industrial contract.

"Nanotechnologies have left the research labs to enter the world of industry.This fruitful collaboration with ONERA has enabled us to apply a technology that we began developing more than five years ago—and for an entirely different application domain to aeronautics," comments Dr Emmanuel Scolan, expert in nanoscale technology at CSEM.

At CSEM, this ability to apply technologies, creating value-adding solutions, is in our DNA. Placing technologies at the service of industry is our force. The INNOVATION Trophy simultaneously recognizes our efforts and our strategic and technology choices. It also gives pride of place to the nanotechnologies that are improving the safety of aircraft while reducing their environmental impact.

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