BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize 2015


Our warmest congratulations go to Gilles Weder. On BioInnovation Day, which took place this year in Lausanne, he was rewarded for carrying out the most innovative project in life sciences for his work on a miniature optical oxygen sensor. The BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize is awarded - on the basis of an open competition adjudicated by an independent jury - in recognition of the winner’s contribution to an innovation life sciences project of significant market potential and of the expected benefits to users and to the economy.


The BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize - a springboard to start-up success
This prize, donated by Geneva’s Eclosion Foundation, rewards excellence by providing the winner with the sum of CHF 10,000. It also brings with it the opportunity to benefit from one year of support and guidance on the long, hard, and exciting road toward starting your own business. This involves access to the valuable resources on offer at Eclosion - the life sciences incubator for the Lake Geneva region - which include a panel of expert advisors.

Gilles’ work was selected as a shortlist finalist from 34 first-class projects. All submitted projects were presented on BioInnovation Day on June 23, and the event concluded with the presentation of the BioInnovation-Eclosion Prize to its eventual winner - Gilles.


The innovation: DEMOX - a miniature optical oxygen sensor
Molecular oxygen is a prerequisite for the life of most animal and plant cells. Since respiration is vital for cells and tissues, measurement and control of oxygen consumption is of particular importance in the life sciences. Traditionally, oxygen concentration is measured electrochemically, while more recently optical sensors have become more widely used. The working principle of these optical sensors is based on selective quenching of the luminescence of dyes in the presence of oxygen. DEMOX allows rapid, efficient, non-invasive measurement of oxygen concentration in a wide range of environments.


Promising applications
The solution is highly customizable. The DEMOX compact reader with standalone and wireless communication capabilities can generate a whole range of new applications related to in-line oxygen measurement in life sciences, biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceutics, and environmental research:

  • Monitoring of respiration - oxygen consumption
  • Monitoring of photosynthesis - oxygen production
  • Food and beverage process control
  • Air monitoring for medical purposes
  • Water quality monitoring
DEMOX Poster
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