Surface functionalization technology
OptoDex cross-linking technology reaches for new heights at CSEM
OptoDex, a groundbreaking surface functionalization technology, begins a new chapter at CSEM. Developed from 20 years of research at the University of Bern and CSEM, the resulting start-up, Arrayon Biotechnology SA, was founded in 2004. 

While Endetec@Veolia acquired the company in 2011 as part of their Safe Water Integrity mission, and now an agreement between Veolia and CSEM has been reached to rehouse the technology within CSEM's pioneering nanotechnology team in Landquart.

The versatile technology enables a broad spectrum of highly efficient medical and environmental testing platforms. Based on the linker molecule of the same name, OptoDex can bind biomolecules to a wide variety of substrates using heat or UV-light. By cross-linking a bio-sensitive substrate to a material’s surface, OptoDex effectively allows everyday objects made of glass, metals, plastics, and polyesters to be used for applications such as bioassays, medical implants and smart textiles.

We are pleased to have come to an agreement with Veolia. Functional surfaces are increasing important for smart textiles, implants, and diagnostics. We are delighted to strengthen CSEM activities on surface functionalization by adding the OptoDex technology to our portfolio. This way, we can further enlarge our collaboration with the Swiss industry in these field",” says Mario El-Khoury, CEO of CSEM.

Full ownership of the associated patents allows CSEM to develop future applications in the fields of diagnostics, personalized medicine and smart textiles in close relationship with local and national industries, as well as environmental monitoring applications in collaboration with Endetec@Veolia.

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