Photovoltaics & energy management
Printed photovoltaics
Combining organic or hybrid semiconductors with mass manufacturing techniques from the coating and printing industries will lead to a massive breakthrough in photovoltaics in terms of format, design functionalities, environmental impact, and production costs. Their freely definable shapes, colors, and transparency, and their low weight and thickness means that printable semiconductors could be used in building-integrated or applied PV and transportation, and for energy harvesting in low and diffuse light.

At CSEM, we’re preparing the groundwork for products in all of these domains. We’re working to support equipment developers, materials researchers, industrial suppliers, and end users with innovative organic and inorganic printable materials and processing technologies for applications that bring added value in terms of design and reduced environmental impact. Ultimately, our goal is to enable customizable PV products that can be mass manufactured with high automation levels and with reduced capital equipment costs. 

Our work in solution-processed PV focuses on developing devices based on printed organic materials such as conjugated semiconductors, and on inorganics such as perovskites, zinc oxide, or silver nanoparticles for single, multi-junction PV cells and modules. Our light-management research aims to develop surface structuring and processes to enhance the efficiency, design, and the optical appearance of printable PV. Finally, our metrology laboratory explores dedicated methods of evaluating the efficiency, mechanical properties, and lifetime-limiting factors of printable, flexible, solution-processed PV.

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