Photovoltaics & energy management
Photovoltaic cells and modules
CSEM develops and matures materials, processes, and technologies for the cost-effective manufacturing of reliable, high-efficiency PV cells and modules, as well as for the optimal integration of PV products into dedicated applications (building integration, mobility, and energy harvesting).

Within its flexible, high-end R&D platforms, CSEM masters high-performance silicon solar cell manufacturing over the full processing chain from wafer texturing to reliability testing, delivering high cell efficiency and maximum module outdoor performance at controlled costs, with a focus on large-area passivation technologies. CSEM demonstrates key expertise and a highly efficient track records for the fabrication of crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells, back-contacted heterojunction solar cells, high-temperature passivating contacts, and technology blocks for advanced PERX concepts, as well as next-generation multi-junction devices, including perovskite/silicon and III?V/silicon tandem solar cells.

CSEM masters the materials, processes, and technologies necessary for metallization, cell interconnection, and module integration, achieving maximum module performance, reduced PV electricity costs, and long module lifetimes. CSEM has comprehensive expertise in fine-line printing using screen, stencil, and ink-jet printing, as well as the full process flow for the copper plating of heterojunction solar cells. CSEM further develops advanced interconnection technologies, such as multi-wire and shingling technologies. CSEM possesses a flexible R&D polymer platform, and masters customized polymer compounding, extrusion, and process, for long-term reliability, as well as for specialty polymer design and manufacturing.

The speed and scale at which PV products are being deployed are accompanied by a broadening of the integration of PV devices and elements. In the targeted applications, PV products must meet performance and reliability requirements, but they must also deliver the required aesthetics, color, shape, weight, and system specificities. CSEM masters PV product integration, with significant expertise in innovative solutions for BIPV application, and with various solutions for modifying the color and aesthetical aspects of modules. In addition, customized PV solutions are developed for specific applications for mobility, from the stratosphere to land and sea.

For all these activities, CSEM develops extensive know-how and high-end equipment and processes for cell and module metrology and dedicated characterizations, which can be developed for or transferred to its industrial partners.

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