Photovoltaics & energy management
Energy systems
Promoting energy efficiency and renewable power is critical to meeting mankind's future needs. That's why CSEM is developing innovative building technologies and working to integrate renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaic (PV) systems, into existing distribution infrastructures.

Buildings represent almost 50 percent of the total energy consumption in Switzerland. Our experience, know-how, and research in sensing and control systems and construction elements that combine the production of solar energy with other functions such as ventilation or cooling can help make buildings much more efficient. We’re paving the way for the market launch of active building construction elements by thinking about facilities that will allow low-cost production and determining the best ways of gaining the acceptance of architects and the building industry.

We’ve already started to see a shift toward an increased need for electric energy and we expect the more widespread introduction of renewable energy. We’re therefore developing innovative systems that promote the massive introduction of decentralized production and storage sites and their integration into existing distribution infrastructures.  This requires the further improvement of photovoltaic energy production systems and their long-term exploitation, and the development of systems and algorithms that facilitate integration. Our experience in the fields of intelligent control systems, signal processing, and wireless communication techniques, coupled with our understanding of power systems, helps us develop the necessary innovative PV system concepts.

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