Photovoltaics & energy management
Energy systems
Promoting energy efficiency and renewable power is critical to meeting mankind's future needs. That's why CSEM develops solutions to build and manage an efficient, sustainable-energy world based on distributed, renewable power generation. A multidisciplinary team brings together the skills to engineer this new world: power engineering, power electronics, signal processing, machine learning, optimization and control, and systems engineering.

We provide services and technologies in three main areas—

  • Digitalization: We apply artificial intelligence techniques to generate value from energy data. This includes forecasting energy production and consumption on multiple time scales, and tracking individual appliances from aggregate power measurements.
  • Decentralized control: We develop multi-level control from the device level to grid-interactive functions. Our solutions increase local consumption of renewable energy, system flexibility, and power quality. We focus on single- or multi-vector microgrids operating at scales ranging from single buildings to cities. With our thermal-control technologies, the energy consumption of existing buildings can be reduced while maintaining or improving user comfort.
  • Electricity storage in supercapacitors and batteries: We develop characterization methods and dynamic models to predict the performance of storage devices in complex operating conditions. With these models, we can also optimize the design and control of storage systems.

Applications of CSEM technologies have already been demonstrated on inverters, in direct current (DC) microgrids, and in energy management systems for residential and commercial buildings. We work with component vendors, system integrators, and utilities to turn these technologies into successful products.

To facilitate the development of energy storage solutions, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) and CSEM have set up a common research infrastructure for the testing and characterization of electrochemical storage systems: the Energy Storage Research Center (ESReC).

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