Microsystems technology
Advanced Micro-Manufacturing
Switzerland, like most developed countries, is facing the major challenge of preserving its manufacturing industry in the face of ever increasing global competition, while at the same time addressing the move to an energy- and resource-constrained society. There is also a clear trend toward the personalization and customization of products. And innovation in manufacturing is essential for addressing those challenges.

CSEM’s Advanced Micro-Manufacturing activity aims to develop digital microfabrication technology—mainly based on 3D printing and additive manufacturing—specifically for microsystems applications. In this way, a new paradigm will emerge regarding the conception of microsystems—a different way of driving product innovation processes for the benefit of Swiss industry. 

CSEM has been active for many years in a range of manufacturing fields, particularly in micro- and nanotechnologies such as MEMS, printed electronics, and surface coating. Advanced Micro-Manufacturing aims to benefit from the center’s knowledge with regard to these technologies, and to combine that knowledge with additive manufacturing technologies and CSEM’s materials expertise.

Within this new activity, CSEM intends to pursue development on two axes that are at the heart of CSEM’s mission, that answer Swiss industry’s future needs, and for which there is a vital synergy with current CSEM USPs. These axes are:

  • The miniaturization of 3D structures made from functional materials (mechanical, electrical, optical ...).
  • The combination of such 3D structures with other advanced microfabrication technologies typically used for the fabrication of MEMS and CMOS devices.

The necessary infrastructure and the resulting competence center will be part of the Micro-Manufacturing Science and Engineering Center (M2C)—an alliance between EPFL, UNINE, HE-Arc, and CSEM.

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