our charter
Our Values
We believe that strong values support the successful development of our organization as well as the harmonious and balanced development of all employees of CSEM. As collaborators of CSEM, we actively foster innovation, strive for excellence, embody our solid ethics and resolutely contribute to a fruitful collaboration.


I dedicate myself to provide outstanding quality and efficiency to achieve our challenging goals.

I proactively seek and provide constructive feedback furthering excellence.

I put passion and enthusiasm in my work.

I strongly support an open culture of debate and consider each mistake as an opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.



I approach each situation with an open mindset.

I continuously look for new opportunities of strengthen our positive impact on a sustainable society.

I generate, welcome and promote creative ideas.

I commit to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers and promote the technologies of the future..



I behave with integrity in all situations and take full ownership of my choices, words and actions.

I behave as a role model for a harmonious working climate and to inspire my colleagues and partners.

I act sincerely and honestly, positively representing the values of CSEM.

I strive to work for a sustainable future and will not work for projects linked to the development of weapons.



I represent CSEM as one entity to the benefit of our clients and the society.

I communicate with clarity and develop trustworthy relationships with colleagues and partners.

I proactively share my knowledge and support my colleagues.

I consider and treat everyone as unique, I respect the diversity of people in our organization, considering it enriching and inspiring.


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