Working Environment

CSEM partity & equlity policy

A good work-life balance is the best way to reduce stress and ensure harmony. This balance plays a key role in managing lifestyles, between working life and personal life. Achieving a work-life balance is a high priority for CSEM in ensuring the well-being of all its employees.

  • Taking account of individual expectations and life situations
  • Flexible working hours and time-management
  • Part-time working for both executive and non-executive employees
  • Continuous training and development for all, including those working part time
  • Working from home
  • Jobsharing
  • Programme for conciliating job and family
  • Extended maternity leave and paternity leave paid at 100%
  • Company creche in Neuchâtel and contribution towards childcare at our other sites
  • Paid leave in case of illness of children or close relatives
  • Cafeteria available to the children
  • Evidence of indicators of parity progression in the company
  • Employees regularly informed about the equality policy
  • Concrete measures relating to the promotion of women's careers

Our values are simple: they apply to all in order to live in the respect of each other

Imagine a job where you know what is expected of you:

  • A job where your opinion matters
  • A job where you have the possibility of doing what you are best at
  • A job where your managers seem to care about you as an individual
  • A job which gives you the feeling that your work is important
  • A job where you have the opportunity to learn and to develop
  • A job where you can be close to your child in all confidence and flexibility
  • A job which allows you to remain at home if your child or partner are sick
  • A job which makes you feel like getting up each morning

Imagine working at CSEM !

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Apply for a job at CSEM