Customers & Success Stories

CSEM's customers come from every industry and every corner of the world. From contract R&D to development of specific business solutions, to medical, transportation, energy, security, manufacturing, life sciences or telecommunications, CSEM works with all companies, from SMEs to large organizations.

We thank our customers for providing the input and feedback that has enabled us to delivering products and solutions to address their business needs. This has led to a strong and successful cooperation.

Abilis SystemsYves Mathys, CEO

Abilis Systems has developed the key technology that enables 'digital TV on a chip'. Abilis innovative DSP based approach is based on very successful CSEM DSP technology. Abilis is looking forward to pursuing this fruitful collaboration.
ActiSmileHorst Buchholz, CEO

ActiSmile AG mandated CSEM to design, develop, implement and bring to production our innovative product concept of a real-time biofeedback device for the health promotion domain. CSEM proved to be the ideal partner for Actismile AG in terms of competence, effciency, flexibility and the customer relationship and we hope to continue our successful collaboration with CSEM on a longterm basis. With this in mind we can recommend CSEM as a reliable and trustworthy R&D partner.
AsyrilAlain Codourey, CEO

We have worked successfully with CSEM on different projects related to robotics and automation. CSEM is always ahead of technology and leads projects with high professionalism. Together with CSEM, we developed Asycube, a new device with high flexibility for feeding small parts. From this research project we were able to launch an innovative product onto the market - a product that has met with a great deal of success.
CIBAAndreas Hafner, Head of Biosciences

We have been collaborating with CSEM over five years and we appreciate the high R&D competence which CSEM offers in the domain of micro- and nanotechnological systems. Such high-tech application knowledge ideally complements our specialty chemicals and process competence. Furthermore we value CSEM's innovation network and its flexible organization also in regard of their proven expertise in start-up generation. These assets resulted in CSEM becoming a strategic innovation partner for Ciba.
ESA - European Space AgencyScott Hovland, ISS Programme & Exploration Department, ESTEC - Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations

I would like to thank CSEM for the support you have provided for the Rio Tinto campaign. The spirit of collaboration that CSEM has shown has been great and I would specifically like to commend you for the preparation of the pre-testing as well as for the actual testing in Rio Tinto [...] And not to mention the very good data we have recorded using LTMS. All in all a very good analogue simulation which should be the basis for future activities
Girard-PerregauxOur company, a brand of the Sowind Group, is continuing to develop together with CSEM a new escapement device for mechanical watches. Etched out of a single piece of silicon in their clean room, the key component of this tiny device delivers minute increments of energy, driving a timepiece with unparalleled precision. CSEM's technological contribution complements the technical watchmaking expertise and experience of Girard-Perregaux.
Hager SecurityThierry Porcheron, Head of Research Service

The characteristics of the products developed by Hager Security (battery-powered systems, RF communication links, long battery life) require both leading-edge technology and very specific know-how. Therefore the combination of CSEM's low power, low voltage RF CMOS technology along with Hager Security and CSEM's expertise were key factors in allowing the development of a highly innovative and high performance RF SoC, which has been successfully implemented in our current product ranges.
HUBER+SUHNERRoger Krähenbühl, Project Manager Technology, R&D Fiber Optics Division

HUBER+SUHNER has chosen CSEM to investigate innovative technologies for new optical connectivity solutions. A lot of know-how and information were acquired, which can now be used for new product development. We were very satisfied with their competence and resources.
LimmexPascal Koenig, CEO and Sven Carlson, Board Member Limmex

Both the Swiss Red Cross and end users tell us that LIMMEX will be a quantum leap compared to currently available products. If we resolve the final technical issues and carry out solid industrialization, the product will have a promising future. The fact that we have come so far is largely due to the excellent and committed support of your team. We would like to thank CSEM for its extremely valuable support.
NeurobatSohail Malik, CEO

This outstanding development now gives the company Neurobat its greatest opportunities for commercial success. I would also like to add that CSEM has, in an excellent way, truly fulfilled its mission to transfer its technology platforms to Swiss industry. As director of Neurobat, I can only encourage and recommend other Swiss industrial actors to collaborate with CSEM with the aim of generating long-term and durable high-tech business in Switzerland.
OsmotexPer Arne Lislien, CEO

To develop our proprietary electrokinetic micropump concept, our Norwegian start-up company was looking for a partner with expertise in the fields of microfluidics, electrokinetics, and microintegration. During this world-wide search, Osmotex was able to identify CSEM as the ideal partner for providing all these technologies. We have now launched our first series of micropumps on the market, and have relocated to Switzerland to further intensify our successful collaboration with CSEM.
Pantec BiosolutionsChristof Böhler, CEO

Pantec Biosolutions has chosen CSEM to investigate innovative solutions for a novel medical device. A prototype of a key sub-system was developed and concepts for a vital technological component were elaborated. The acquired know-how and technology were used in the development of the first generation of products. We were very satisfied with their competence and contributions.
Patek PhilippeJean-Pierre Musy, Technical Director

For several years, Patek Philippe and CSEM have been cooperating in the development of micromechanical parts for watch mechanisms. This collaboration provides access to stateof- the art technology and know-how, and enables us to position our company at the technological forefront of watchmaking innovation. Additionally, in the medium term, CSEM ensures series production, enabling rapid integration of technological developments in our watches. CSEM is an important driving force for innovation within our company.
RUAG AerospaceMarie-Thérèse Ivorra, Site General Manager Nyon

Ruag Aerospace has been succesfully cooperating with CSEM Mechatronics Group for the development and manufacturing of a Corner Cube Mechanism for IASI (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer) on the METOP satellite. In the frame of this project, RUAG Aerospace could fully appreciate CSEM's experience and high level of competence in the design and simulation of high-precision space mechanisms integrating flexible structures.
SemtechAlain Dantec, Senior Vice President, Advanced Communications & Sensing

Semtech and CSEM have a relationship that goes back over 10 years. This successful partnership has resulted in many co-developments and technology transfers. CSEM's ability to bring advanced wireless and sensing technologies to Semtech has been instrumental in Semtech's success in these areas. We value CSEM's innovative capability and close cooperation and we hope to continue the strong relationship we have with them.
Sercalo MicrotechnologyCornel Marxer, CEO

At Sercalo Microtechnology we rely on CSEM as a single-source provider for the manufacturing of our optical MEMS designs. CSEM offers us a professional service for both manufacturing and development which keeps us at the top level in this high-tech field. We are very happy with this partnership.
UCLA - University of California Los AngelesIan McLean, Distinguished Professor / Director Dept. Physics & Astronomy

CSEM is by far the best company we have worked with in the past 20 years. We not only recommend them without reservation but also hope for a future project when we can once again benefit from their exceptional expertise and unique skills.